We want to make the most of the opportunities and influence God has given our church family and we believe seeing Vision 2020 to completion is vital to that mission.

“… you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria,
and to the end of the earth.”

Acts 1:8b

Casting the Vision


God has uniquely positioned Christ Chapel with certain partnerships and opportunities. Through the leadership of our Elder Board, we believe we are called to the specific mission of making Christ clear to our immediate friends and neighbors, those at critical junctures in our culture, those who are vulnerable and often forgotten, and those who are living in dark corners of our world. By giving to Vision 2020, you will be a part of bringing God’s light and freedom to these unique groups.

Why Vision 2020?

Vision 2020 is all about creating more opportunities for people to hear the gospel and know Jesus. Through the direction of the Elder Board, your giving will go towards these six specific areas:

Finishing Greene House construction
The Greene House will create a permanent meeting space near TCU’s campus for our college ministry to meet throughout the week. The building will also provide more opportunities for students to hear about Jesus and gather with others who are growing in their faith.

Supporting the growth of our South Campus family
Launched on Christmas Eve 2018, we are committed to growing our Christ Chapel South Campus. We want to deepen our roots and expand our reach in Johnson County, creating more opportunities for people in the area to come, feel at home and grow closer to God.

Combatting human trafficking locally and statewide
Human trafficking is evil and we want to continue the work being done to save those who are caught in it. We’re stepping in by providing the resources needed to rescue and restore those who are trapped in trafficking, and host awareness trainings for people to better understand and fight against trafficking,

Protecting the unborn in our own community and across the country
We are passionate about linking arms with ministry partners and protecting the sanctity of human life. Through strategic partnerships, we will actively engage in work that supports and encourages life.

Helping build a church in the Middle East to reach refugees
We’re partnering with a local group of believers in the Middle East to create a space for people to come and hear about Jesus. In a culture that does not allow people to publicly share their faith, this meeting space will provide the opportunity for people to come and learn about God.

Leadership and pastoral training for church leaders in Asia
In the midst of persecution, God is doing big things in the Church across Asia. We are coming alongside that movement and training leaders so they’re equipped for the work God is giving them.



The following are some frequently asked questions concerning contributions to CCBC:


When is the last day that I can make a contribution to the church to be counted for 2019 taxes?

All contributions must be postmarked Tuesday, Dec. 31. The Security Desk will be open until 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 31 to drop off your gift. You may also visit to donate online.

Can I give stock to the church?

Yes, please call Robert Vaughan at 817-546-0182 to receive the number of our broker. We sell all stock the day it is received. Stock can be transferred from your broker to our broker electronically.

Can I donate some of my retirement fund?

Individuals who are age 70 ½ or older can distribute funds out of an IRA to the church without reporting the income as taxable.

How will I receive my 2019 contribution statement?

We will mail them out in January 2020. You can also click here to review it online.

Will the contribution statement include any non-cash gifts such as stock?

All non-cash donations through a foundation will be listed as a note on your statement. You will receive a separate letter from Robert Vaughan confirming your non-cash donations through stocks.

Please contact Robert at 817-546-0182 or with any questions.