Make Valentines Memories that Matter

A Christ Chapel Date Night

Do you ever feel like dates are defined by money spent on expensive food and flowers? Why not center the date around getting to know each other so you can better love each other? Then the food is just a bonus! Try organizing your next date around these three “courses” of conversation …


(during the car ride/waiting on a table/the appetizer)

  1. What’s the hardest you’ve laughed lately? This year?
  2. Who would play the two of us in a movie about our lives?
  3. If you have to stay up all night working on something, what’s most likely to keep you up and excited? (What’s kept you up most in the past? Is it usually something positive or negative?)
  4. What’s the most embarrassing thing you remember doing at a restaurant?
  5. What’s the best compliment someone could give you?
  6. What’s the best show on TV right now? What’s the best show of all time? (Or at least share your top favorites.)
  7. What’s the best decision you made this year?
  8. What are the best and worst memories of family trips you had when you were younger?


(during dinner)

  • Without sharing the answer with your date, think of where you’d like to go on vacation in the next year or few years. (This could be a grand trip or something simple … but it must be special to you in some way!)
  • Try to guess what your partner thought up.
  • Did you/they get it right? (The reward is sharing a bite of dinner when it arrives! Bon appetite!)
  • Talk about what makes a good vacation. (Rules: You are not allowed to pass judgment on the other person for being honest about what they find relaxing!)
    • Location (Staycation? To the coast? Mountains? To a big city? The country? Another country? Natural beauty? History?)
    • How you wake up and go to bed (Early or late?)
    • What you eat (Does food matter? Does it have to be expensive/fine dining to feel special? Or are you more of a burgers and funnel cakes vacationer?)
    • What you do (Are you more active or do you like to physically relax? Do you like seeing a play, museum or exploring history?)
    • Other requirements
  • How will you balance your styles of vacationing? …
    Married couples:
    Plan your next vacation! It could lean more practical or be something you commit to saving toward doing together at a later date.
    Unmarried couples: Plan a hypothetical dream vacation that you’d actually want to go on together!

Look Ahead:

(during dessert/the drive back)

  1. What do you want to spend less time on?
  2. What are you most looking forward to in the next season or this year?
  3. What’s something you’d like to see me wear?
  4. What’s a bad habit that you want to stop? (Tip: Don’t answer this for your partner! At least not on this date)
  5. What do you want your significant other to keep doing/do more of this next year? (This could be small things or larger commitments.)
  6. What do you think you’d like to try or do for the first time this year?
  7. What changes could we make that would reduce our level of stress?
  8. Do we spend enough alone time together, as a couple?

Follow up after this date:

What could you do to better connect beyond a date night?

  1. Young couples, do AVENEW >
  2. All married couples, try re|engage >
  3. Do a book together …

These books are available for only $10 each in the Fort Worth Campus Link Bookstore. Check them out next time you’re nearby.

Books for Married Couples

Husband/Wife in Pursuit

31-day challenge toward loving your spouse well
Ideal for: couples and parents who have been married a year or more, and desire a fundamental challenge to reconnect through the mundane moments of life.

Two As One
30-day devotional
Ideal for: married couples who want to try doing devotions together.

Fierce Marriage
Encouragement toward a Christ-centered marriage
Ideal for: young married couples who want more than a few techniques for helping their relationship; a balanced and modern approach to biblical and practical marriage for those who are new to or need a refresher in the faith.

You and Me Forever
A non-topical study on marriage in light of eternity
Ideal for: married and engaged couples who desire to be on mission together and want to explore what a spiritually mature relationship looks like.

Books for Unmarried Couples

Not Yet Married
Re-framing our view on relationships
Ideal for: anyone who is curious about what the Creator of marriage has to say about dating, your identity and the pursuit of an ideal life mate.

Ready or Knot
12 conversations to have before marriage
Ideal for: engaged couples who want to ask and answer the right questions before getting married.

Catching Foxes
12 to 15 sessions that will increase maturity in any Christian couple
Ideal for: engaged couples who want to explore God’s heart for relationships and desire mentorship before and after getting married.

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-Michael Koiner



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