Our Staff

Victoria Davis

College Women’s Director

I grew up as a church kid, but didn’t have a real relationship with the Lord until college. Going to TCU, Christ Chapel was the second church that I visited. At The Aardvark I fell in love with the people and the genuine response that they had in worship. For the first time, I really believed what the preacher (Ben Fuqua) was saying instead of thinking it was a show – it was really cool to walk into a space and actually see people who believed what they were saying instead of saying it just because they thought they were supposed to. The Aardvark and Christ Chapel’s College Ministry became my home, changed my entire relationship with the Lord and propelled me to know more and more of Him.

I stayed in Christ Chapel’s College Ministry, interned my senior year and did the residency after that. Once the residency ended, I started asking the Lord what He wanted for my life, and in the process of figuring that out, I worked Christ Chapel’s front desk, staying involved with College Ministry at the same time. Then while on the Israel trip in the summer of 2017, I was offered the opportunity to join the College staff!

The fact that the Lord has given me favor with college students still amazes me. For some reason, He has said, “Hey, I want you here” and given me the opportunity to walk with these girls. I love hearing their stories, getting to walk with them through their stories and see how their stories glorify the Lord. The fact that I get to do that every single day – God is just so cool.

I love tacos and would eat them for every meal every day if I could. My favorite Fort Worth spots are Tacos la Banquenta (I dream about their gorditas) and Torchy’s for all the chips, queso and avocados.