Our Staff

Tiffany Tyer

The Perk Manager


I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home where I was fed with the Word from birth. I understood that I was a sinner who needed Jesus to save me, and I accepted Christ at seven years old. Yet it’s been in the years since where I’ve seen the magnitude of that decision and the grace I’ve been given, as through tests and trials in college. In my twenties I’ve learned what a personal, ongoing relationship with Him really is and how in need of it I am.

Christ Chapel was always my home during my years at Texas A&M University and I’m proud to work and serve here now, both in launching a new ministry with The Perk in 2012 and in singing on the contemporary worship team. God has opened doors in a big way.

My parents can often be found behind the counter at The Perk volunteering, and I love the time we have together as they share in the work we’re doing. My sister lives in the area too, fortunately, and family dinners are still one of my favorite things. I love to read and do freelance work as a writer/editor. Traveling and singing are great loves of mine, along with city living and, of course, coffee.