Our Staff

Sylvia Dipnarinesingh

Ministry Safe Coordinator

I grew up in a very structured and traditional religion. I knew of Christ but not of who He truly was or of having a personal relationship with him. In my mid-thirties, during our first year of marriage, my husband began sharing the gospel with me during times when I did not want to hear about it, thinking I was already saved. After a year I professed my confession of being a sinner and my need for a Savior. However, it was not until after my husband of seven years passed away, when I went through many trying times, that I fully submitted my will and life to God who showed me an understanding that Christ had died for my many sins and I was a renewed person to live eternity with Him.

I initially came to Christ Chapel when I was going through a conflicting time in my life many years ago. At the end of the service I asked for prayer and immediately got involved in restoring my relationship with Christ.

I am a single mom with a full life with two teen-aged boys, one homeschooled and one in college. In my little spare time, I love reading, enjoy bike riding when the weather is beautiful and watching a good movie now and then.