Our Staff

Sydney Deal

Assistant Business Manager

I grew up in the small town of Springtown, Texas, about 30 miles outside Fort Worth.  When I was 8 years old my grandma walked me through the prayer of salvation and I was baptized.  At that point in life I saw it as a “Get out of Hell” card.  I believed in God, I believed that Jesus came to die for my sins, but throughout childhood and college the Lord really gave weight to my sins, the need and significance of salvation.

One of my biggest seasons of growth and revelation was during a time of singleness post-college which was when I found Christ Chapel.   I had just moved to Fort Worth and was in search of a good singles group in the area to get involved in. After searching online at different churches, Christ Chapel was the one place that had an active group investing in the lives of singles.  At that point it was The Gathering, now it is called Renovate.  Through that ministry I was really able to get involved and the Lord blessed me with a great community of friends that were huge spiritual encouragements in my life.  One of the big things the Lord taught me during this time was to be confident in the women that He created me to be and to be confident in His sovereignty. To think that the Lord thought of me and created me, led me to embrace who He created me to be. He taught me how to find my identity not in what others or the world can bring me but what He fulfills in me. He continually showed his faithfulness by how he answered my prayers and would open doors. He showed me to trust in His sovereignty and faithfulness over each aspect of our lives.  One of the ways the Lord really revealed a mighty work was when he opened up the opportunity to work here at the Christ Chapel.  I had been praying for months for a new job and not only did He deliver a job opening as the LS2 Admin to get me in the door but He also had plans to later on open an opportunity that allowed me to move to the Finance Assistant position which was my degree.  It was really cool to see how the Lord’s hands had been over that whole situation.

In February 2015 I got married to my husband Ryan Deal.  We met through The Gathering here at Christ Chapel.  Ryan is a wonderful guy who really appreciates me and loves me well for who I am! He intentionally pursued me in a Christ-like manner and through our relationship the Lord really revealed so much about Himself and His pursuit of us.  In May of 2015 we adopted a 5-year-old boxer named Milo from the shelter. Milo is a sweet natured dog that loves nothing more than to cuddle with you and lick you.  He keeps our life entertaining and is very spoiled.  I love sitting on the couch with Ryan and Milo binging on Netflix shows, hanging out with my parents who are local, drinking fluffed up coffee, sharing meals with girlfriends, all things sweets and all things fall and Christmas!