Our Staff

Suzin Hines

Creative Arts Director

I accepted Christ as my personal savior when I was 12. I quickly after that had a crisis of religion. Not Faith. Throughout my late 20s I was in a searching mode. After we started attending Christ Chapel, we did the 40 Days of Purpose one fall. I recommitted my life to Christ and was baptized at the end of that series.

I attended the Crown Class at Christ Chapel and during that class God starting really laying on my heart that I wanted to work for Him full time. I started praying about it. It seemed impossible because we needed my income, but God’s plans were bigger than our financial health. Within a year I was working full time drawing pictures for Jesus at my favorite place, my church!

In my spare time I’m a groupie for my husband’s band. I love being a helicopter mom to my daughter, Reign. We have three big dogs: Marley, Lucy and Francis. And if I ever get a second to myself then you’ll find me on the Trinity Trails in full cycling gear! Watch for me, I’m usually bleeding or really scratched up from falling off my bike. War Eagle!