Our Staff

Sarah Stiles

Associate Minister to Women

My earliest memories are of feeling lost at the Fort Worth Zoo as a young toddler and another of a moment I stepped into my bedroom closet “lost” as a five-year old. The zoo memory isn’t as life-changing as the latter, and thankfully, there is no PSTD related to that wonderful place. (Although, one time my dad picked me up to “throw” me to the alligators, but that’s another story.)

In both memories, I felt lost but came out fine and found. Growing up in a Texan home where God was as common a subject as “What’s for lunch?”, the Holy Spirit used my family and my church to guide me to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is — my only hope and salvation as a sin-stained child. Since the night I told God I trusted the truth of Jesus, the Holy Spirit has continued to stretch, break, challenge and bless me in my faith walk.

I attended undergrad at Ouachita (good luck pronouncing that) Baptist University in Arkansas studying piano, Greek and Hebrew. Entering the school freshman year, full-time ministry was not my goal. I thought it would be cool to do piano performance because I daily listen to movie scores (shout-out to John Williams, James Horner and Thomas Newman), but once I discovered my absolute love of biblical Hebrew, my desire for ministry became more apparent.

Nearing the end of undergrad, I knew I needed to be equipped for ministry. My time at Dallas Theological Seminary was one of the hardest and richest (funny how those usually go together) times in my life. My geeky passion for Hebrew grew, but more importantly, my love for people was refined through great and difficult experiences with my peers. I graduated with my ThM in August of 2018 still trying to answer the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Through a jumble of ironic and “accidental” circumstances, I’ve ended up in Women’s Ministry here at Christ Chapel. And I. Am. So. Grateful. To be among a group of people whose focus is on Jesus and who uphold the Word as truth, there is no greater privilege.

Because fun facts are fun to add to a bio, here are a couple: People always ask me how tall I am, so I’ll let you know now: I’m 5’10”, and yes, to answer your second question, I played sports (volleyball is my favorite). I’m a nerd for languages and currently learning French on the Duolingo app. I’m a Britophile — one obsessed with all things British — teatime, accents, Harry Potter, fashion, the royal family and Oxford. I love a good nighttime novel and am an “open book” myself, so come say hi sometime, and I’d love to hear your story . . . I’ll make us some tea.