Our Staff

Sarah Beth Stevens

HSM Girls Director – West Campus

I grew up in a family of believers with three older brothers who I adore. I wanted to be just like them so because they had asked Jesus to be their Savior, I wanted to ask Jesus to be my Savior too. I said the prayer when I was 6 or 7 and even though I definitely understood the whole concept that Jesus had died for my sins, it took me a few years to understand what a personal relationship with Him looked like. The Lord was really faithful as I did grow older to teach me what that meant and let me grow in that.

My sister, who goes to the Fort Worth Campus, introduced me to Christ Chapel. I was living in Denton and in the span of one weekend, suddenly living there didn’t make sense anymore. I knew that the Lord was trying to tell me something, but I had no idea what. I loved the church that I was working for, but all of a sudden the Lord was telling me something. I called my sister and told her all that was happening. She told me that Christ Chapel was looking for a High School Girls Director and told me that I should apply. It wasn’t something I anticipated or was searching for, but I took a leap of faith, applied and told the Lord that if it wasn’t what He wanted, to shut the door. In a month, I had the job! Now that I’m here, I’m really excited to work with the HSM team, get to know the students and learn from the ways that HSM does ministry.

I love my family and as one of five, my siblings and I are very close. My brothers are very outdoorsy, so I love the outdoors too – hunting, camping, fishing and being out in God’s creation. If you can take my family and the outdoors and put them together, that’s heaven to me. And, my nieces and nephews are the most precious ever!