Our Staff

Ryan McCarthy

Associate Soul Care Pastor

I grew up in a family that occasionally went to church. But, I didn’t embrace what was taught there. In fact, by the time I entered college, I was a self-proclaimed atheist. I claimed that I didn’t even believe in God. I did, however, live in such a way that proved that I believed in other things to make me happy: popularity, girls, partying… I even got into drugs.

But eventually I learned that the things I was trusting in were unable to satisfy me. In fact, some these things threatened my life.  And it was during a life-threatening experience on drugs that I realized that I was living my life in rebellion against a holy God – the very God that created me. God made it clear to me that I needed Christ to save me from my sins. So I asked Him to save me.  He immediately came into my life and began transforming my heart. As my relationship with Christ has deepened, I have experienced such an amazing love in Him that I have an entirely new reason to live. Through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, my sins are forgiven and I have been able to enjoy a relationship with my Creator.

I began visiting different churches my junior year at TCU. When Ted knelt to do the pastoral prayer, I was drawn to his humility. The deciding factor was the excellent biblical preaching. If memory serves me (though it usually doesn’t), they were preaching through every verse of Romans at the time.

I married Brandi in 2003 (second best decision my life)! We have three kids. We adopted our first two boys: Lincoln and Charlie, and then God surprised us with our first pregnancy. We have a little girl, Lucy Joy!