Our Staff

Robert Newberry

Renovate Director of Operations

I grew up as a nominal Christian believing that Jesus was just a part of my culture — another thing people did. I lived my life along those same lines growing up, just adding Jesus in when I felt like I needed to. That all changed when I went to a discipleship program going into college called Young Guns through Pine Cove. I was challenged in my faith and was taught what it means to live as a godly man in our world today. Faith became real to me and affected my life in a bigger way than adding Sunday plans to my calendar. It shaped my world.

I would spend most of my college experience going through a trial and error process of figuring out how to live out what I had learned, and learning more along the way. I was helped along by the community I had found in the college ministry at Christ Chapel. It was a place where so many different types of people came together and started to live for Jesus alongside each other. It wasn’t just a group of friends to hang out with on a Sunday. It was so eye-opening and refreshing to see people who were so welcoming, and the affect that had on the people who visited our church because of that community just continued to grow.

After college I have been figuring out how to continue growing that community, while finding the best tacos and burgers in Fort Worth. The way I fund this quest is through the biggest blessing of getting to work as the Director of Operations for Renovate, which has been one of the best surprises that the Lord has brought into my life at this point. So, if you want to know more of what we are doing, any random fact about Lord of the Rings, or which restaurant has the best shake AND burger in Fort Worth, I would be happy to share my thoughts!