Our Staff

Rick Neves

Chief Operating Officer

I grew up In Lubbock, Texas going to church with my mom when I was younger, but I have to say I didn’t participate much. After junior high my church attendance dropped significantly. While attending Texas Tech I would attend church occasionally, but not often. It wasn’t until I was married and starting to attend a church in Amarillo did the Holy Spirit start to work on me. The understanding of the gospel became clear to me after hearing Roy Wheeler, my pastor and friend, preach it clearly. I accepted Christ in 1984 at Paramount Terrace Christian Church and was baptized shortly afterwards. My growth in Christ has continued, and accelerated when I moved to Fort Worth and found CCBC. I have to also credit the organization of Bible Study Fellowship with growing my faith and knowledge of the Scriptures.

My wife, Sharon, and I had attended a non-denominational church in Amarillo where the Scriptures were the focus for several years. When we moved to Fort Worth in 1990 from Amarillo, we started looking for a church home. We tried several churches in the area, but none seemed to offer clear biblical teachings. My brother-in-law suggested Christ. After attending a few Sundays, we never left!

I am married to Sharon and have two wonderful children. Both are grown and out of the house. So Sharon and I now share the house with our Westie. My interests are traveling, physical activity, whether it’s working out, running, etc. I attempt golf and fishing at times along with other outdoor pursuits. We are Ranger fans and enjoy the ballpark as much as possible.