Our Staff

Richard Shafer

Contemporary Music Assistant

From an early age I was involved in the church, and was raised in a Christian home. While as a young person I may not have run toward the Lord with a lot of my heart, I think that He has graced me with a foundation in His truth and His ways through my upbringing and by pulling me towards Him throughout the years. I believe God has guided me towards the opportunity for a life that’s true and full, and though I haven’t (and still don’t) always choose it, He always makes it available in His grace. I have experienced His calling, His call for faith and patience and His sovereignly planned provision and He has given me so many wonderful opportunities tuned to the way He has created me.

I visited CCBC the very first week of grad school at TCU in 2009 and, having an interest and a history of drumming in worship music, got plugged in (in a hurry) with the student ministry worship teams. The second Sunday that I ever attended Christ Chapel, I was playing music for the high school and college services, and it has been such a blessing and life-giving experience. I was a member of the volunteer worship teams until the summer of 2015, when I was hired as part of the contemporary music department. This ministry is exciting to me because of the opportunity to work with other alternately-gifted individuals to enjoy music, pursue creativity and push for excellence all while glorifying and leading others to glorify the Lord.