Our Staff

Morgan Gribble

HSM Intern – West Campus

I grew up in the church, kind of the typical “grew up being a believer” situation. As I got older I started to realize what it really meant to be a follower, but I was never entirely sure how to take on my calling or what I was supposed to do next. I spent some time waiting it out, went to school for a little bit and, while there, figured out how I could actively be a follower while still living my life. And now I’ve found myself back here!

My family has lived in the area since I was in the first grade. We found Christ Chapel and always liked it, but being in Aledo, Fort Worth was a drive. Then Christ Chapel expanded to Aledo my senior year of high school and we started going. I got really involved with Shift, which is now HSM. When I’d come home during college, I’d still stop by and go to events. I guess in some ways I’ve been involved with HSM this whole time.

Now as an intern, I’m excited to get to create relationships with the girls of HSM, love them and help lead them through life with the power of God. I’m excited to do my best in leading them in the right direction and helping them with the experience that I have, having gone through similar situations.

I’m a major people person and loving hanging out with friends – usually with coffee and a camera (for photography) nearby.