Our Staff

Melinda Rogers

Minister to Children – Fort Worth Campus

When I was nine, a traveling evangelist conducted an after-school program at our church and told us that everyone fell short of God’s perfection. But the news wasn’t bleak – it was good! He told us that God had a plan and explained how Jesus took the punishment for us on the cross, rose again and wanted a relationship with us. Shortly afterwards, I heard Jesus’ name being sung at church and thought that it was the most beautiful name I had ever heard. That night I asked Him to be my Savior.

In 1981 we heard about a new little church that was being started and decided to visit. Shortly afterwards, our daughter was born prematurely and the church rallied around us with love and support. Today our children and grandchildren are part of the same “little” church. Our family truly loves Christ Chapel and considers it part of our own family.

If you know me at all, you will hear about my three grandchildren!  Yes, I’m one of THOSE grandmothers. When I’m not playing with Huston, Arden and Austin, I love watching old movies with my wonderful husband, hanging out with my children, reading, enjoying nature and watercolor painting.