Our Staff

Megan Miller

High School Girls Director – Fort Worth Campus

I grew up in a Christian home — Christian family, church, everything — with parents who are really strong believers. When I was three, I was in the driveway one day with my dad (who was driving). He stopped the car and asked me, “Megan, how do you go to heaven?” So confidently, I was like, “You go to church, you be good” and all these things. And I was surprised when he said no. He ended up leading me to Christ that night and it’s crazy because I don’t remember much at three, but I do remember being so shocked that I was so wrong. I wouldn’t fully grasp what my faith meant until later in high school.

Going to a private school for my whole life, faith was spoon-fed to me and was all about doing the right things and being good enough. Then my sophomore year of high school, I heard a speaker at a FSA leadership camp talk about the difference between a relationship and a religion, and how the Lord is so jealous for you and to have that relationship with you. I rededicate my life and read Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” — that’s when it all really hit me. 

I’m originally from Austin and went to Abilene Christian University where I majored in Child Family Services. After school, I went back home for a year and worked with little kiddos at a Montessori school as a teacher assistant. I realized I wanted to try counseling online for grad school, then realized that’s not what I wanted to do. What I really wanted was to be able to join teaching, counseling and ministry — putting faith into it all. To be able to do ministry is really where my heart’s always been – I’d just been running away from it. So, I went to Kanakuk Institute in Branson, Missouri for eight months which set a foundation of truth for me. Before that I was never really able to defend faith – it was all emotions-based. Now to be able to jump straight into working with high school students and give them the foundation of truth I wish I’d had going into college — I’m so excited to be able to be the person I wish I’d had in high school, see God work in crazy ways and go through high school with these students.

I also love country dancing, riding horses, going hunting, writing and ice cream – cake batter with cookie dough from Cold Stone is my favorite.