Our Staff

Mark Giovi

Fifth+Sixth Guys Intern

I always joke that I was born on a Tuesday and in church on Sunday — I definitely grew up as a church kid. When I was 7, I was attending an AWANA program when one of the speakers shared the gospel. I was young and didn’t fully understand what I was doing, but I decided that I wanted to put my faith in Jesus. I was a Christian, but it didn’t affect me in the way that it should. Then, when I was 19, my parents got a divorce and in that moment I had to decide if my faith was really going to be mine. There was a moment when I was ready to give up and do whatever I wanted, but God showed up in a big way, pulling me out of the darkness and dirt of what I was going through. That’s when the love of Christ really took hold of my heart and started to impact the way that I lived. From that point forward I just wanted to share the love of Jesus with people. I felt called into ministry when I was about 16 and from that point tried to orient what I was doing around that future plan. I started out at a small Christian college my freshman year studying youth ministry, but ended up transferring to Oklahoma State and graduating with a degree in psychology. I’m currently pursuing my Master of Divinity degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

My plan was always to go straight from undergrad to seminary, but God opened up doors for me to serve for four-and-a-half years as a youth pastor in Tulsa. It was in Tula that my wife’s chiropractor mentioned a church called Christ Chapel. Interested, I looked at Christ Chapel’s website and applied for an open student ministry position. I didn’t get it, but I kept checking back. At the time Christ Chapel was mainly hiring interns and I had an internal battle, wondering if I was overqualified and if this was something that I should really pursue. Finally, after about six months, God was like, “Why do you think you’re too good to be the intern?” That was humbling to hear. I applied and now I’m grateful that I’m here. I love working with fifth and sixth graders. They are a lot of fun and they’re deeper than people give them credit for — you can really prepare them and build an awesome foundation for the rest of their lives.

I’ve been married to my wife, Jenny, for five years. We have a Corgi named Romeo. I love sports – playing, watching, being a part of them anyway I can. A.C. Milan is my soccer team. As an Oklahoma kid, I also love following the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Dodgers (their minor league teams are in Oklahoma).