Our Staff

Maggie Streelman

Life Stage 2 Ministry Assistant

As the youngest within a large extended family full of believers, I came to know Jesus as my Savior at a young age. I praise the Lord for my grandmother, a woman of faithful devotion and admirable character, who first discipled me in my faith. My faith continued to flourish into my adolescent years, with the encouragement of loving parents and the Christ-centered education in which they enrolled me. 

At the age of 18, I moved from Long Beach, California to Fort Worth, Texas to begin my undergraduate studies at Texas Christian University. That’s also when my involvement at Christ Chapel began. I was eager for friends and fellowship, and Christ Chapel’s college ministry was a God-send. Still, my freshman year of college brought with it the first true challenges to my belief system. I was bombarded with pressures to fit in with popular culture, temptations previously foreign to me, false ideas of my worth, difficulty developing deep friendships and dramatic changes to my life back home. Thankfully, God had plans to bring me on the Christ Chapel College mission trip to Belize and into stillness with Him. While there, I learned vital lessons that would mark my freshman year and the rest of my life: God meets me in my pain and brokenness with grace. He calls me out of sin and into a joyfully free existence, distinct from popular culture. It was God who raised me in faith, gifting me the fellowship of family, friends and teachers at a young age. I am not entitled to the faith I possess or the upbringing that helped cultivate it. It was simply and beautifully a gift from God. As God does nothing without a glorious purpose, it became clear to me on that trip that I must no longer be selfish with my faith. Instead, I must share it. In an embrace of those truths, I recommitted my life to Christ and was baptized before my new community of believers. 

With each following year, I continued to become more involved in the college ministry. Through home groups, mentorship and opportunities to lead worship, I was enormously blessed and moved to maturity in my faith beyond what I anticipated or dreamed while in college. For my first year out of college, God brought me into Christ Chapel’s Residency program. It is a 10-month discipleship program made up of a small cohort of young adults, with the purpose of strengthening theological foundations, uncovering and addressing sin and suffering and gaining hands-on ministry experience. In the conclusion of that program, God has gifted me with a new, full-time opportunity at Christ Chapel as the Life Stage 2 Ministry Assistant. 

I graduated from TCU with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Communication Studies, so you could say that people are my focus. I am blessed to work toward the flourishing of a staff and a ministry that has so deeply impacted me for the last five years. My greatest hope is that the young adults of Fort Worth will come to know God as their Savior and discover a life ignited with love for Him and the people He places in their lives.