Our Staff

Linda Dupont

Music Assistant and Musikgarten Instructor


I was born into a musical family and spent my childhood through college in church music (my grandfather was the Dean of Brite [Divinity School at TCU] during that time). After TCU, I left Fort Worth for Colorado where I began a Bible study and began an intimate journey with my Lord.

My kids and I attended another church in Fort Worth, but after my last child left for college I visited Christ Chapel at a friend’s urging for John Stella’s Bible study class. I never intended to leave the church I was at, but one morning I was compelled to tell Louis [Harris] that I used to play cello and the rest is history.

After 14 years as a single mom, I remarried. Patrick and I met in the orchestra at CCBC, but had attended all the same schools in Fort Worth and even both toured Europe with the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra… all that time and we had never met! We have three adult children –all married and living across the U.S. In addition to our grandchildren (three so far: Micah, Aliyah and Calvin) and music, I love spending time with our goldendoodle, Annie. I knit whenever (and wherever) I can. I love my book club and reading, and I love to garden – mostly herbs and flowers that grow before July (when the heat and MusiCamp keep me out of the garden). In the spring and fall you might find me riding through the hill country on the back of Patrick’s Harley.