Our Staff

Lauren Perry

HSM Events Coordinator

I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ when I was little, but I would say that I made my faith my own when I turned 16 and began attending a new small group with one of my best friends. I’m a big believer in the eternal impact of high school ministries because of how much it changed my life.

My fiancé and I came to Christ Chapel in our search for a church that balanced our opposite worship styles. He grew up Disciples of Christ, which is very traditional with pews, organs and stained glass windows. I grew up at Eaglebrook Church, which is a mega church in the Twin Cities. There are fog machines, electric guitars and a light show every Sunday morning. We couldn’t have had more opposite worship styles! In our search to find our church home in Fort Worth, we came to Christ Chapel because it offers the traditional comfort of the pews and Bibles at every seat, but also a modern worship experience and contemporary preaching styles.

I throw dinner parties and host holiday gatherings often and am thrilled that I get to share the gifts that God instilled in me for the church. I’m also a lover of any kind of outdoor activity, sunshine, good books and yoga.