Our Staff

Kyle Yarborough

Local Outreach Assistant

I accepted Christ one night when I was 6 or 7 as my mom was tucking us in for bed. She had been reading us Bible stories and one of them had to do with somebody being warned about hell. The story scared me and she used it as a perfect segue way to say, “Here, let me tell you how you don’t go there …” So from that point until I was about 15, I thought I knew what it looked like to be a Christian. Then at 15, I went to a faith-based camp called New Life Camp where on the second-to-last night, you could accept Christ or rededicate your life to Christ. I felt like there was a weight on me to tell someone my story, what I was feeling, how the Lord had worked in my life up until that point – and getting to talk to a counselor that night helped me put a lot more meat on the bones of what I believed about what being a Christian meant. That was when I realized that we don’t do this just to be good, but to honor the God that created and saved us. We prayed and at that point, my parents’ faith became my faith. Since then my faith has grown and taken twists and turns, and the Lord has used every bit of it to get me where I am.

Christ Chapel is the first and only church I visited when I moved here from North Carolina. After graduating from North Carolina State and moving to Fort Worth to work for BYX, my family was blown away on our first visit. It was immediately evident that the church cares about every person that walks in the door and in time, I’ve only seen even more of how Christ Chapel invests heavily in community, prayerfully considers every decision and handles their finances without debt. Now getting to work with guys like Wes and Lance – it feels like a privilege to step into this role and serve.

I also love concerts and live music. The way that people look at art or creation and see the intricacies – I hear that in music and it draws me to God. To me it models how the Lord created everything around us. I also love to hike, all things outdoorsy and dogs.