Our Staff

Kristin Hines

Associate Minister to Women

I grew up in an awesome Christian home, so I was blessed to come to faith in Jesus at a young age. I was involved in church and youth group basically my whole life, but it wasn’t until college that I finally started understanding a lot of this stuff for real. It finally started clicking that this Gospel I said I believed in actually applied to every aspect of my life. I became involved in CCBC’s college ministry, got discipled, got to lead a Bible study and grew a ton!

Favorite thing about College Ministry: As I mentioned above, college is the time in my life where I really feel like my faith was jumpstarted, and I don’t think I’m unique in that. It’s a time when people who grew up in a Christian home now have to decide if this faith is really their own. It’s also a time when people face a lot of tough situations and decisions, and they have to see if this faith will sustain them through it all. Getting to be part of that process for students for the last 10 years has been the biggest blessing in my life!

Fun Facts: I drive a blue minivan named Bluda (short for Bludacris). I collect comic books and I’m into plenty of other nerdy things. I was a bridesmaid on a reality show when my youngest sister got married on TLC’s “Four Weddings.”

Favorite Jesus Books: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis; The Reason for God by Tim Keller; Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot; Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot; anything else by Elisabeth Elliot; The Mortification of Sin by John Owen; The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Transformational Discipleship by Eric Geiger; God is the Gospel by John Piper; Forgotten God by Francis Chan.