Our Staff

Kendall Reed

High School Ministry Assistant

I came to know Jesus when I was in third grade. I’d gone to church my whole life, but didn’t really get what the gospel was or why people really went to church. One day my Sunday school teacher asked the question, “How do you get to heaven?” and I said, “Because I’m a good person!” She told me that wasn’t it, which got my wheels turning. My mom later explained how you get to heaven and that conversation changed everything.

After high school I came to Christ Chapel and fell in love with not only the church, but also the community I found here. I started serving in Middle School Ministry and became a small group leader last year. Over the last year, the Lord has taught me how much I love hanging out with middle schoolers. They are so funny, unpredictable, and I can’t believe God has given me a front row seat to see how He works in their lives.

I grew up just outside of Fort Worth in Azle, so I feel like I’ve been a part of Fort Worth my whole life.  While I’m interning this year at MSM, I will be finishing my bachelor’s degree in Communications at Liberty University Online and deciding on grad school. Since I’m a full-time student you can usually find me in close proximity to coffee – Dwell and Avoca are my favorite spots in town to study and hang out with friends. I graduate in a year so the countdown is on!