Our Staff

Josh Storie

Associate Life Stage 2 Pastor and College Director

I’ve always considered myself a caricature of Bible Belt Christianity in a lot of ways. I grew up in a Christian home, went to church every Sunday and even went to a Christian school. I prayed the prayer when I was six and believe that it was genuine. I grew up understanding the gospel and believing the gospel. My faith had just never been tested.

When I was in college my father passed away unexpectedly. That event forced me to figure out if I really believed all the things I grew up claiming to believe. During that season I was able to experience the Lord in ways I never had before. The love of Christ became real, His presence became tangible and the gospel became more beautiful than ever before.

I moved to Fort Worth after college to go to seminary at Southwestern. I was a bit consumeristic in my approach to church and was attending a church about an hour away because I liked the preaching and the music. I wasn’t known, however, and was secretly craving a place I could plug in and develop community. A friend from college invited me to check out Christ Chapel’s Young Adult Ministry and I met one of the pastors. I came back the next week and the craziest thing happened: the pastor remembered my name. Someone knew me. That was all it took for me to stay.

When I’m not hanging out with college students you can find me writing songs, eating breakfast tacos, drinking chai tea lattes, watching Michael J. Fox movies or perfecting my Jay-Z impression.