Our Staff

Jessica Beaulieu

5-8 Events Coordinator

I wasn’t raised in the church. We moved around a lot and when I was about the age of 12 a neighbor said, “Hey, I’d like to invite you to church,” and I was like “Yes!” because I was desperate for friends. Any time that I could go and meet someone new I was on it, so I went. I remember them saying, “Anybody want Jesus?” My heart just leapt open like “YES!” and I practically ran down the aisle because I had no previous knowledge of what I should be doing. When I got home my step-father said I had joined a cult, took away the Bible they had given me and that was it.

My mom and step-father divorced when I was 16. I was trying to find that feeling that I’d had at 10 or 11 and was confirmed through the Catholic church, but I didn’t feel that same tangible something. Years passed and I went into the Navy. One day a sweet friend of mine said, “Hey, can we talk?” and she opened the Bible and pointed out what I was doing was a sin. My heart broke the same way that it had leapt for joy when I realized I wanted Jesus. I then went around telling everybody else who was doing the same stuff I was doing, “Do you know you’re sinning?” Needless to say I lost all my friends. It was kind of a dark time, but that was when I actually started walked and learning and growing in my faith.

I came to Christ Chapel after relocating to Fort Worth. I was at a networking event and asked a friend if she had a church suggestion. She said, “You’ve got to go to Christ Chapel!” So I went … and I’ve yet to go to any other church in Fort Worth! I ended up as a Fifth+Sixth intern because when my oldest daughter started in Fifth+Sixth, I volunteered to help however I could. That first year I was a small group leader and volunteer wherever they needed me. Then Joel approached me about being an intern and I thought, “Aren’t I a little old for that position?” Joel assured me that I would be a great fit and truly, I get giddy serving as an intern. I love planning the events, mentoring girls, doing stage designs and getting activities ready.

I am married to Kris and have two girls, Audrey and Lauren. I love to go to coffee shops, read – it’s a family pastime, really — and see the latest plays and musicals.