Our Staff

Jessica Allan

Nursery Director – West Campus

I grew up in Parker County in a Christian home and, at a young age, accepted Christ as my Savior. I was baptized and had a relationship with Jesus. While in college, I chose to believe a lie that would have a devastating impact on that time in my life. I told myself, “Because God loves me, He wants me to be happy. Therefore, my questionable behavior [read sin] doesn’t matter because it will lead to my happiness.” But, the Lord wasn’t finished writing my story. My husband and I started dating in 2008 and the Lord used our relationship to turn my focus back to Him. I am still in awe of the Lord’s graciousness to us. In 2010, Lucas and I married and have been blessed with three wonderful children.

In 2015 seeking community, I signed up for Women in the Word.  At that time, I was at home with two kids and needed to get out of the house and engage with adults. I knew I needed it, but our daughter was seven months old and didn’t appreciate being dropped off in the nursery. Every week she would cry and Ms. Jane cared for her every minute. While at Women in the Word, my life changed. I struggled with guilt and shame from my sinful choices. I felt I would never be more than a ransomed sinner — useless and always in fear of being found out. But God! That fall we studied Galatians and Ephesians and I learned my “spiritual bank account” had nothing to do with my sin record, and everything to do with Jesus. In the spring, we studied Genesis and I learned that God used some really sinful and broken people in the lineage of Christ. Studying the Scriptures changed my heart, filled me with the Truth and gave me the tools to breakdown the lies of guilt and shame. I went from feeling like a broken ransomed sinner to a treasured daughter of God. This life change was possible because of Children’s Ministry; because there were people like Ms. Jane who saw to it that I felt comfortable leaving my children while I attended Bible study. This experience motivated me to start working in Next Generation Kids Care at West Campus. I wanted, and continue to want, to help provide moms with the same opportunity.

Now, as the Nursery Director at West Campus, working and serving in Children’s Ministry has facilitated even more life change. I’m still His treasured daughter, but I also have the opportunity to be a useful servant. There is no greater privilege than sharing the gospel with children while their parents grow in their faith.