Our Staff

Jennifer Cooper

Music Ministry Developer

I grew up in a liberal church, gained a love for music and the fellowship of church, and was baptized at the age 12. Since I had no spiritual foundation or relationship with Christ, I fell away from the church. God drew me back into church when I was hired at CCBC. I heard music like never before, people loved and cared for me like family, I read my Bible and I heard sermons explaining things that I could have never conceived on my own. You could say God saved me through CCBC. We had a staff meeting and I prayed the true sinner’s prayer of salvation. What a relief, no more wondering! How insanely blessed I was that God picked me out and placed me here. Louis and Sally [Harris] poured into my soul by their divine leadership. I had no family in town and I immersed myself in the activities, services and people and in return I gained a prayer family. The Music Ministry family prayed for me, provided for my children and I when hard times hit and supported our every need. God flourished and refined my talents over the years and I am closer to Him in every hymn, chorus and anthem. How sweet His music is to hear and play!

I also met my husband, John, through the Music Ministry at CCBC. He proposed to me, along with my daughter, Bella, and my son, Raylen, at a choir rehearsal. We were married in 2009 and added son Asher and daughter Etta Kay. So, as parents of four children, we spend our time going from one activity to the next and counting down to date nights.