Our Staff

Jeffrey Brown

Video Editor

I started going to CCBC in college when the “Bubble” still existed. Years later a friend of mine was asked to interview for an opening as a video editor here. He turned down the offer but gave them my name. After a few rounds of interviews I got the job! I have worked here since November 2014.

I can’t pinpoint the moment I gave my life Christ, because it happened over a long period of time. I grew up in a loving Christian home and went to a Christian summer camp called Kanakuk for five years. Kanakuk was where my faith became my own and I begin to understand what it meant to live for Christ.

I have two older brothers and one younger sister. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Graham, Texas, a small town about an hour and a half north west of Fort Worth. I enjoy comics, video games and movies. If it involves super heroes, space ships, or magical worlds chances are I’ll enjoy it. I go rocking climbing regularly and ice climbing every February; and I’m deaf in my left ear.