Our Staff

Holden Hudson

High School Guys Director – Fort Worth Campus

I was raised by very godly parents who taught me who God is. At the age of 8, right before my family was going to move overseas to Portugal as missionaries, I decided I wanted to follow Jesus for myself. I wanted to make Him the king of my life so I surrendered myself, realizing He died for my sins and offers me a new life. Since then, God has continued to work in my life and sanctify me through high school, youth group, college and church. Through all this, He’s also led my wife and I to working with high school students and thinking one day we want to go overseas long-term for mission work with unreached people groups.

Right now, though, we’re happy to be where we’re at, doing high school ministry at Christ Chapel. We’re super excited to get to spend time investing in high schoolers, see them mature in Christ or come to faith in Christ for the first time, and help them grow into mature disciples who finish high school, go into college full of the Spirit and ready to continue to walk in obedience, find a local church and live a full life for the glory of God.

As I said, I’m newly married to my beautiful wife, Megan Hudson, She’s from Kentucky which now makes Kentucky my second-favorite state (after Texas, of course). We’re new to Fort Worth and excited to be here — I love Whataburger and tacos, so it seems like we’ve landed in the right place.