Our Staff

Hannah Swain

Connect Ministry Assistant

I grew up in an incredibly loving, Christian home with the most amazing and gracious parents. I dedicated my life to Christ during middle school in the midst of hard friendships, traumatic community tragedy, and my own personal battle with depression. While I understood and believed in the forgiveness for my sins through believing that Christ died for my sins, I struggled to understand that I didn’t have to earn God’s love. My battle with depression continued through high school and into college. I continued growing in my faith and understanding of God, but still wrestled with full understanding of God’s desire and affection for me. I struggled to allow myself to fully accept His grace and fully surrender to His love. I kept trying to present myself to God as the best version of myself. My battle with depression grew darker my freshman year of college, and I grew even more desperate to find a way out of it. During Christmas break of my freshman year, I attended a winter conference for college students. Throughout the conference, God kept opening my eyes a little bit more to the full depth of His love and grace. In the middle of worship one night, God opened my eyes and my heart to His grace and love for me. I surrendered every part of myself to the Lord that night, finally realizing that He didn’t want a put together image of me — He wanted me even in my brokenness with my sins and insecurities. It was like the last puzzle piece clicked into place, and I FINALLY understood God’s love for me through His grace! That night, I felt the darkness of depression flee as sheer joy from the Lord filled me, and it is by God’s grace alone that depression has never been in my life since. Since then, God continually reminds me that His grace is enough and it’s a beautiful gift for me to rest in. He surrounded me with a strong, biblical community at Christ Chapel that pushes me to grow and reminds me of God’s great love.

Prior to graduating college, the Lord began pressing ministry on my heart. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2015 with a degree in Communication, but still wasn’t sure what ministry would look like in my life. Throughout a season of unknowns, God was incredibly faithful and brought me to Fort Worth in 2016 to serve as a nanny. God began showing me that ministry is anywhere He places you, and I saw God move in amazing ways in the lives of my coworkers and using me as His light in the workplace. Fast forward to 2019 when I started searching for a new path and the thoughts about ministry still lingered in my mind. After entering into a job that I quickly realized wasn’t where I needed to be, God revealed to me that I had been running from His calling on my life for many years and I was a lot like Jonah — running from God’s calling. It was in that moment I realized I had worked so hard to create my own path for myself and had placed God next to the path, rather than on the path with me. Through months of prayer and daily surrender to God’s will, God graciously presented the opportunity to step in as the Connect Ministry Assistant at Christ Chapel! I am incredibly amazed that God chose me to help welcome others into the Christ Chapel family and help them find community!

I love to spend quality time with friends, hang out in Southeast Texas with my family and cheer on the Aggies! You can usually find me dancing to classic 80s hits, hanging out with my home group or planning a trip somewhere!