Our Staff

Haley Dorris

5+6 Girls Director – West Campus

I am grateful to the Lord that I came to know Him at a really young age. One Sunday I realized that I was in need of something more to save me from my sin — a Savior. I confessed to know the Lord then and was soon baptized. I was young and did not know many things, but I think the beauty of the gospel is that in a lot of ways it can be that simple — knowing your need and trusting Him, giving your life to the gospel and serving Him. Since then the Lord has been faithful and kind to both sanctify me and give me an even greater desire for Him.

All throughout high school and college if I had free time, I found myself doing ministry or being at church. I longed for a full-time ministry opportunity for years but was never sure if it would come to fruition. I realized that the Lord’s will can be found all throughout Scripture – He calls us to model Jesus’ example, so I began to pray for the Lord to mature me to look more like Him instead of praying over what I should physically be doing. That’s when the Lord brought this opportunity of becoming the 5+6 Girls Director to me. This process has revealed so much to me of how deeply the Lord knows and care for me, that His kindness and generosity have no limits.

My husband and I started dating when we were 14 and got married in 2018. He also works in ministry, and knowing his giftings and calling to full-time ministry, I was not sure if the opportunity would arise for me to work in full-time ministry as well. In fact, in college I studied accounting and then worked at an accounting firm afterward. Clearly, I’ve taken a very different route getting here, but I’m so humbled and excited to now have the opportunity to walk with 5+6 girls in a unique stage of their lives where they’re figuring out where they belong. I love that I get to create an environment that’s safe for them to ask questions, think deeply, learn how to approach the Scriptures on their own and gain the confidence that they’re capable of a really deep relationship with the Lord.

I graduated from Baylor University with my undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting. My husband, Mitchell, works for Fort Worth K-Life which means we have quite the ministry-filled house! On a typical Saturday you will probably find us reading and drinking coffee in the morning, talking our Labrador Retriever, Brinkley, on a walk down the Trinity River, and cheering on Baylor and LSU in college football, to support our home state.