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Greg Cook

Soul Care Pastor
Soul Care

I was a churchgoer growing up, but mostly associated with churches that either didn’t present a clear testimony of the gospel or didn’t hold a high value of the Scriptures. In college, after a particularly difficult time in my life, I started attending a large group meeting of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as CRU) and responded to the invitation to find out what a personal relationship with Christ was about. I met with a staff person for CCC and responded eagerly to the gospel presentation that made clear the work Jesus did on my behalf. I was especially excited about the fact that this was a free gift, and did not carry with it a burden to perform for my salvation (which was my previous wrong assumption about Christianity).

In January 1995 I applied for the position of Minister of Spiritual Life, which corresponds, to our current Connect Pastor job responsibilities (small groups and assimilation). I have always been interested in small groups as a means of spiritual growth and was interested in helping develop them at CCBC.

I have been married to Nancy since May 1985. We have three wonderful girls: Ashley, who lives in Denton; Stephanie, who has been working with CRU for the past three years and currently work on the A&M campus; and Anna, who is a student at TAMU. In free time, I enjoy reading, camping, travelling and the outdoors in general.