Our Staff

George Hornok

High School Worship Pastor

My relationship with Jesus started, actually, on 9/11. With the reality of life and death along with learning that life wasn’t a guarantee, I somehow understood that I had a need for something bigger than myself. I had a real understanding of sin and my need for a Savior. From that point to the age 15, there was a lot of steady growth in my faith. Then in middle school I chose to get baptized and that was a major turning point for me – my understanding of the gospel went from a general understanding of my need for a Savior to knowing that my life needed to center around that Savior. At that same time I felt a call into ministry and started pursuing music seriously. 

It was a really random situation that led me to Christ Chapel. I was actually heading in a completely different direction and was about to take an internship at another church when I met Austin Tullos and a few of the other worship pastors at a DBU lunch. I ended up coming to Christ Chapel for a summer internship and through that process, I fell in love with the church and the people here. God graciously closed that other door and in the process opened the door for me to be here for the full year. And then from that place, God opened the door for me to come on full time with High School Ministry. 

I’m most excited about helping students learn what worship is and how to grow up as a healthy worshipper. Worship is more than the three songs before the sermon. It’s an action in and of it self, something that God uses to glorify Himself, sanctify His people and help us fight sin. I think teaching those things and helping students understand and live them in a really healthy way is so exciting. Beyond that, I love seeing all of LS1 – from 5th grade to 12th grade – be trained and grow as worshippers and worship leaders. I started playing guitar and piano when I was 10 or 11 – that’s a big part of my story — and if I can be a part of someone else’s story of getting to where I’m at or being used by the Lord in some way, then I want to do everything I can to do that. 

My wife is the far better half of the two of us. She truly is my favorite. Our newest endeavor is becoming dog owners to a very cute dog named Chica. I also love to fly fish when I can and go camping and skiing.