Our Staff

Garritt Caudill

IT Support

God had blessed me with three wonderful children (with one on the way) and an awesome community to be around. He has showed me through the church and the community to live a life of love, not judgement.

Christ Chapel was not originally my home church. When I met my wife she invited me here to attend an event and I’ve call CCBC my church home ever sense. What I am most excited about is learning more about how God is going to use me through my talents. I know tech doesn’t really have a reputation of Kingdom work, but I undoubtingly think He is using CCBC’s tech talent to good Kingdom use.

Away from work I absolutely LOVE video games and have been making money on video games for about 3 years now. Every couple of weeks though, my family has “ No screen time” where we all sit down and talk about our walks with the lord and what we have learned in church. I make lots of music and know a good amount about audio, peanut butter is my jam and I’m conversational in Russian and can speak fluent ASL (American Sign Language).