Our Staff

Francis Genung

College Men’s Director

As an only child of divorced parents, I grew up in the city scene of Minnesota, but moved to Texas going into seventh grade. Although I attended a private Catholic school back in Minneapolis, I never understood who God was in relation to me, except as someone who controlled the weather. It wasn’t until having been hit by culture shock and left in drowning isolation that I found some acceptance at a Wednesday night student ministry event. After being a part of this group for some amount of time, I began to hear and put together who God truly was, not as one who controls the weather, but rather, as a God who loves. I don’t remember what day or year it was, or even what the sermon was about, but one night I was insurmountably captivated and impassably in awe that God wanted to have a relationship with me — even to the point of dying on a cross. And in my mind I thought, “If Jesus died to have a relationship with lonely, hopelessly lost people like me, then other people should hear this great news.” From this point on my heart has longed for those who feel on the fringes of social belonging, and my life has been to share that love with those who don’t know such a love. That is one of the reasons I’m honored to be on staff with Christ Chapel, and specifically with the College Ministry, because in a world connected by social media, college students can still find themselves alone and unnoticed.

My beautiful wife, Keeley, and I got married in June of 2017 and have started our family in the Saginaw area. One of our favorite pastimes is finding and trying new taco and burger joints all across Fort Worth, especially with others. As we are both in school (my wife in nursing school and me in seminary) and both working full-time, we find much joy in the quick, spontaneous moments together. I get along well with people for the most part, until there becomes a heated discussion over pineapple pizza (of which I am an advocate for). I love other pizza as well, but pineapple pizza holds a special place in my heart.