Our Staff

Francesca Bartolomucci

Middle School Girls Intern

I grew up in a Christian home and as far back as I can remember, I have always loved God. The Lord was so gracious in giving me such a heart for Him. However, it wasn’t until college that the Lord fully revealed some of the innermost hidden parts of my heart. Because of His grace I have been challenged to live a life completely abandoned to Him. His love has propelled me to share His truth and His grace simply because we are called and chosen to do so. And above all else I have learned what true, unfailing steadfast love looks like.

After church hopping for over a year, I knew that the Lord was calling me to stop roaming and instead dive into community. And the Lord made it clear that Christ Chapel was where He was calling me. The opportunity to then work at Christ Chapel honestly fell into my lap. It was not something that I was seeking out, but looking back now I see so clearly God’s purpose in His timing and in His connecting me to the right people. I am most excited to build relationships with the junior high girls that attend Christ Chapel. I remember how pivotal those years were for me and I remember how influential my small group leaders and mentor were to me. I am so honored to walk alongside these girls. It is an absolute privilege and I am so excited to see how God continues to shape and mold these students.

I truly have been blessed with such an incredible family. I am the second of four kids, two boys and two girls all 18 months apart. I know what you are thinking … my parents must be crazy, and I would agree! Having four kids all so close in age was complete chaos, in the best way possible. Both my parents are truly filled with the joy of the Lord and have been such an example for each of us kids. My siblings are some of my best friends. It has always been loud and chaotic in my house but also full of joy and laughter and that is something I am forever thankful for.