Our Staff

Ethan Wagner

Middle School Pastor – West Campus

God blessed me with a wonderful family that loved me as much as they loved God. At a young age my heart was sensitive to the gospel and I accepted my sinfulness and my need for a Savior. It has been a continued struggle in my life to make more of Him and less of me, but God gives me grace every day to give Him the glory and not myself.

My wife and I were born and raised in Fort Worth. The church we came from we had attended our whole life. We were both saved there, married there and started our ministry there. We are very excited and know that this new adventure is being directed by God.

Fifth+Sixth grade is a very formidable age group. This age group is special to me because it was at this age that I became a Christian. These years can set a new trajectory for their lives. We are excited to start laying a foundation of Jesus, community, growth, and mission.

My wife and I met in 7th grade, I asked her out in a Home Economics classroom that same year. We ended up being prom king and queen together. 11 years later from the first day we met I asked her to marry me in that same Home Economics classroom. We love the T.V. comedy series, “The Office”, so much so that our two dogs are named “Dundee” (a golden lab) and “Kevin” (a three-legged English Mastiff). Opposites must attract because I love to hike, camp, and run and my wife loves puzzles, Pinterest, and cooking. We love to travel and plan on seeing all seven wonders of the world as well as visit all National Parks in the U.S.