Our Staff

Dawn Isbell

Kids Care Director, Fort Worth Campus

I was the only person in my family growing up who regularly attended church. God sovereignly placed me in such a place in rural Mississippi where I had believers in Jesus all around me. I practically grew up in the church because I could always find a neighbor to take me with them. At age 9, I trusted in Christ. God has walked me through so many changes and challenges.  He has always been there as a rock and guide for me.

I began working at Christ Chapel in August 2011 only 10 months after my second child was born. Being a Kids Care worker was such a blessing to my family. My girls could come to work with me and have good quality care as they learned more about God. And I could help out my husband financially. Fast forward to 2016 and my once 10-month-old was starting Kindergarten and my oldest was beginning 3rd grade.  I felt like an empty nester. I had been praying for over a year for direction for this new season of life and God opened the door for me to work as the Kids Care Director. The most exciting part of this job is being able to plan lessons that spiritually lead the children at Christ Chapel to know God while their parents are being fed the Word in other programs.