Our Staff

David Coutts

HSM Guys Director — West Campus

My dad was in the military and I grew up moving around all the time. We’d attend church every weekend, but my faith became more about the rules you were supposed to follow rather than a passionate relationship. A big part of my story is my parents’ divorce which happened my senior year of high school. That really kind of rocked my world, but that experience along with getting involved in a great college ministry at Texas Tech allowed me to explore my faith and make it my own. Honestly, getting involved in the college ministry turned my life around and revolutionized my faith. God really captured my heart my sophomore year of college after being around people who love Jesus and going through a little bit of a healing process. Once I got serious about Jesus and recommitted my life, from there my life was changed forever. I’ve since watched God take me one step at a time — first it was changing my degree, then it was going off to seminary and working for a church, and now bringing me to Christ Chapel.

I would claim Texas as my home state even though we moved around a lot as a military family. My wife on the other hand was born and raised in San Antonio. Before this, we were living in Colorado and looking for a way to be closer to family because we have two little kids. When I found out about the opportunity at Christ Chapel, I started praying through it and God opened the right doors and brought us here. We’re thrilled to be back in Texas with Tex-Mex, queso and family. I really, really enjoy student ministry, especially the high school age group and I actually graduated from Aledo High School, so I’m thrilled at the idea that I get to come back and work with kids who are also coming out of Aledo.

 I love being active and outside, especially by playing all kinds of sports. (Not that I’m good at all of them, but I like the relational aspect of doing something fun together.) When I’m not at work, I’m often rolling around on the floor with my kids or eating some kind of sweet treat. I’d like to think of myself as a sort of dessert connoisseur — people who know me often tease me about my fixation on high-quality desserts.