Our Staff

Danella Hitri

Global Missions Assistant

I grew up in the church and never doubted that Christ died for me, but for a while that wasn’t important to me. During my first year in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), we studied the book of John. Christ changed my life through that study and connected the dots for me of what it means to fully surrender. He continues to refine me and I pray that HE is glorified through my service for Him. I am compelled to do this ministry with missions because it is so much how God has directed my heart – sharing with others so they know His amazing grace.

My husband, Mark, knew Ryan McCarthy (CCBC Soul Care Associate Pastor). They were in a band together back in the day. We were looking for a church with a 5 o’clock evening service so we could attend church as a family. Ryan recommended CCBC. When we pulled up for the first time and I stepped out onto the parking lot, I felt the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. I knew at that very moment, this was where my family was supposed to be. That was over 15 years ago, we have never left!

My family is a family of six with four kids ranging from adulthood to middle school. We spend our time hanging out with family and friends. I love spending my free time making quilts for friends and family and Christ Chapel’s Quilting for Life ministry.