Our Staff

Cynthia Firestone

Choir Librarian

When I was 10, I attended McKinney Memorial Bible Church, (the original one-building campus on Woodway in OLD Wedgwood.) During Vacation Bible School, an elder spoke to us about accepting Christ. We then went outside in small groups with some of the teenage volunteers. Although I didn’t really understand the ramifications of it all, I gave my heart to Jesus. That was August 3, 1960.

In the 1980s, my husband and I were living in Mansfield, and I was driving in on Sunday mornings to McKinney, (in its former home on the east side of Hulen). We moved back to Fort Worth in 1992, and John began joining me for church. It was not a satisfactory experience for either of us for a number of reasons. I had babysat for the Miles children when I was a teenager, and I was told that they had helped start a church in the old Birchman Street Baptist Church building. John had attended BSBC with friends at Arlington Heights when he was in high school, and he was agreeable to trying it. The first Sunday, he was greeted by three of his old high school friends! He loved it and felt so welcome. We’ve been here ever since, gradually getting more and more involved in many aspects of different ministries. We feel more at home here than we have anywhere else in our lives.

The most exciting part of my job is all the wonderful people I get to work with and serve. And they OFFERED me this job, (part of which I was doing as a volunteer.) I didn’t have to audition to sing in choir, and I didn’t have to apply for this job!

My sister and one of her sons and his family and two of our best friends have come to attend CCBC with us over the years. It’s always nice to look out at the congregation from the choir loft and know some of those closest to us are also here! But the multitudes of wonderful friends we’ve made are our greatest blessing. Neither of us could have foreseen that reward.