Our Staff

Collin Elliott

Systems Administrator

My parents were really involved in church when I was little. Then when I was 4, my dad was hired as a pastor at the church we went. When I was 7, I accepted Christ, but the decision didn’t really become real until high school. It was my sophomore year when my faith really became a big thing and important to me. I had a youth pastor who was just an incredible influence on who I was – and he actually was the one who performed me and my wife’s wedding nine years ago.

We ended up Christ Chapel after searching for a re|engage class that worked with our schedule. We visited Converge a few times on Sundays and our four kids (we also have one on the way!) really connected to Children’s Ministry — so we’ve been here ever since! I’m excited to now be a part of a new team — I’ve been in IT pretty much my entire life — and see how I can help.