Our Staff

Christina Wagoner

Soul Care Ministry Coordinator

My first introduction to the Lord was as an adult at McKinney Bible Church. In my 20s, I had recently met someone who I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with and we attended a family life conference together. I remember learning a lot there, but the most important thing was when I realized I wasn’t a believer. I realized that apart from Jesus I have zero merit to stand before the Lord — that wonderful gift changed my life.

My first husband and I were married, had three children, traveled a lot and moved around a lot. His job, though, was his focus, I became resentful and even though we were going to church, we both fell away from the faith a bit. At a point of real trouble, we did some secular counseling, but eventually divorced in 2009. After that God took me on a journey of getting back to church and putting Him first in my life. I met (actually, re-met) someone I had known in high school who was on a similar path. As we dated I told him we were going to have to pursue God together – he agreed and I knew God had been working on his heart at the same time. We got married in 2012 and now have a blended family with five children.

I came to Christ Chapel after working at a medical practice for over 10 years. I wore a lot of hats in that position and had started to notice that I felt worn out from the front lines of the office. I knew, though, that it was important to stay until I knew for sure that the Lord was leading me to leave. Then one day this summer I was praying about what it would look like if I left my current position and I heard God’s voice say “Look at Christ Chapel’s website.” I go to the job board and there’s this job that describes me – my personality, my skill set, my everything. I was like, “This is me!” and I wept and sent the job to my husband saying “What in the world do you think?” Even to the day that I was offered the job, I thought, “What? Me?” It’s still unbelievable how God can say, “You, I want you to do this.” 

There’s not much of it, but in my spare time I like working on calligraphy and hand lettering. I also spend a lot of time at my kids’ sports games. My heart is for change and for the Lord to break through and work in the mess of people’s lives so I also volunteer in Soul Care’s Thrive ministry.