Our Staff

Christina Sandra

Associate Minister to Women – South Campus

I was raised in a Christian home and knew that Jesus loved me from a very young age. I knew that I was a sinner and I deserved death but that Jesus died for my sins, He took my penalty. However, it was not until my senior year of college that I truly began to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Since that decision, I find that that relationship grows more and more deeply with every year I spend pursing Jesus Christ.

God moved me from Yakima, Washington to Fort Worth, Texas right after my college graduation. As soon as I got here I began attending Christ Chapel after hearing about it from some family members. However, it wasn’t until I began seminary two years later that I joined the Christ Chapel staff. I began attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and became an intern at Christ Chapel within the same week. After graduating from seminary with my Master’s in Christian Education in December 2013, I joined the Women’s Ministry staff. These days, I help Sundays go smoothly as a worship service coordinator.