Our Staff

Chase DiStasio

Associate Minister to Men

I didn’t know Jesus all throughout middle school, high school, and even my first year of college. When I got to college I played football for TCU and I met a few guys who were involved at Christ Chapel. They invited me to Wednesday nights at Christ Chapel and the first time I came, I heard the gospel. That got me to go to FCA Camp because I wanted to know more about it. At camp someone laid the gospel out for me, asked me what I thought of it and I decided to give my life to Christ. Then after camp ended, my dad came down with a rare form of cancer. That’s when I really feel like I accepted Jesus because I had to trust Him with someone else’s life, not just my own. Ever since then, I haven’t really looked back. I had plans to go to law school and do a bunch of different things after I graduated, but I fell in love with Jesus, started working in ministry and that’s led me here.

After I graduated from college, I did the residency at Christ Chapel. I love ministry, but I wanted to see if business was what was for me, so I went into the business world for three or four years. I enjoyed it, but I always kind of knew I wanted to do some form of ministry. While me and my wife were in Denver last year, we prayed about what we wanted our life to look like and we knew we wanted to end back up in Fort Worth with family. I wouldn’t say that God audibly or visually called me into ministry. It was more like He opened doors to allow me work in ministry. We took a leap of faith and walked into this role.

Now that I’m back in Fort Worth, I’m excited to use what I’ve learned in business to further Men’s Ministry, be able to partner with different life stages and use what the Lord has shown me in the last four or five years in business to bring more people to know the Lord. 

Having played football at TCU, I now love all things TCU. My son, Shepherd, is almost two, and my daughter, Shiloh, was just born this past June. I’m a huge family person and love being able to be a dad. (I’m over the moon when I get to read a book to my son before he goes to sleep!) I’ll play any sport and love hanging out my wife.