Our Staff

Casey Taylor

Converge/Renovate Worship Leader

I was born in Oklahoma City to two displaced Texans who eventually moved us back to Euless, Texas when I was 4 years old.  My parents divorced not long after we moved back, and it was around that time that my mom started attending a small little Baptist church in town. The pastor of that church, alongside his wife, took to my mother and I and it was through that relationship, around the age of 9, that I came to know the Lord.  Having come from a broken home, I struggled to understand the “whys” and “what fors” as I grew older, and wrestled with not having a fatherly influence in my life.  However, in the midst of my struggle and pain, the Lord met me in ways I don’t have words enough for here, and showed me that He was, is and will always be my Heavenly Father. Through all of the different stages of my life, (my baseball, college at UNT, traveling band and early ministry stages), I’ve continued to feel a distinct calling on my life to use my love of the Lord, and the abilities He gave me musically to serve and lead the body of Christ towards worshipping Him.

My wife, Chavon, and I met while I was (worship) pastoring a church in Denton, TX in the fall of 2007 and we got married in the summer of 2008.  We found our way to Christ Chapel in 2010 through a couple we’d been close to, one of whom worked at CCBC. We started Converge in August of 2010 and have been so blessed to get to serve and worship with our people in the Chapel each week, it really feels like a tight knit community. More recently, I’ve gotten to be involved in starting and leading our Renovate service alongside many of our Converge musicians each Wednesday night. Its felt like the beginning of something really special, as we’ve seen so many young adults, who could potentially be the future leaders/deacons/elders of our church, come together for much more than a service – for a transformative community of believers, bent on seeing the Kingdom come here on earth, even as it is in Heaven!

Chavon and I have three children, our sons Jude and Graham, as well as our daughter, Jovie. My interests/passions include songwriting, playing sports, traveling the world, following the Texas Rangers, Arsenal of the English Premier League (soccer) and watching (or coaching) any team that my kiddos are playing for.