Our Staff

Camille Adams

Women’s Ministry Assistant

I was raised in a home where we talked a lot about the Bible and God, but I did not have an understanding of my need for a Savior and my role in sin. I was very aware of a God who was loving and had a role in history, but that felt distant to me. When I was in high school a friend who had a magic ministry did a show at our church for the kids and I got to watch. His presentation included a very clear description of how sin is part of us and entraps us, and how we can’t free ourselves from it. In that moment the Holy Spirit illuminated my heart, revealed to my need for a Savior and I accepted Christ. From then on I started reading my Bible with a new light, the Holy Spirit transformed my heart, and gave me a desire to know Christ more and walk with Him daily.

I started attending Christ Chapel when I came to college as a freshman and was immediately challenged. I loved the fact that Christ Chapel is a church that stands firmly on Scripture, and that it seeks to deeply understand the theology of salvation and make Christ known. I am excited to be serving in Women’s Ministry, because, not only is it a chance to serve alongside Kathy Harrelson, but I get to see what God is doing in our ministry downtown with the women who are coming to Common Ground and Women in the Workplace. I’m excited to see how the Holy Spirit moves in those women’s lives and be a part of something that is making Christ known in Fort Worth.

My husband, Phillip, and I have two boys, Linus and Simon. In my free time, I’m usually reading an assortment of books – most are picture books — but I’m also a part of two different (grown-up) book clubs.