Our Staff

Bruce Tekell

5-8 Grade Guys Intern – South Campus

I remember walking down the aisle at my small town church in Ennis when I was 9 or 10. I was all for Jesus then, but being that young, I also wanted to fit in with all of my friends. When those two collided, my faith in Jesus lost that battle. This happened so much that by high school I was Christian only by name. It wouldn’t be until the summer before my senior year of high school that would change. That summer at camp I heard a message about when we walk with Jesus, He forgives us from our sins. Since then I’ve done my best to walk with Him.

I actually came to Christ Chapel through Ethan Wagner! I was working at Cook’s Children as a valet when Ethan came in one day. I knew Ethan from college, but hadn’t talked to him in awhile. We spent some catching up, and after that he told me of an internship opportunity he had available. I took him up on the offer, and the rest is history! I love being able to pour into students and show them Jesus is better than everything — and not just through teaching them once a week. Any way I can be in a student’s life, I want to be there.

Right now I am loving that superheroes are cool. I am a huge comic nerd, so if you have any questions about any comics stuff, I will probably be able to answer it! My favorite heroes are Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America. For anything else, just ask because I am an open book!