Our Staff

Brad Deal

Middle School Associate Pastor – Fort Worth Campus

When I was really young, I don’t know why but I started asking my mom questions about Jesus and church. We didn’t go to church and she wasn’t a believer so she decided that if she wanted to know what to tell me, she should start reading the Bible. Soon after we started going to church. She became a believer and from then on I grew up in the church. I came to Christ at age 8 and since then it’s been a growing process.

I’ve always felt called towards some form of ministry, specifically youth and middle schoolers. I first followed that into teaching in the public school system, keeping up my connections with people in ministry and dreaming of “maybe one day” ministry could become a full-time vocation. Kevin Libick, who was my D-Now leader in eighth grade, reached out to let me know there was an opening. My wife and I prayed about it, fell in love with the opportunity and felt it was the right time for the change. I love being in Middle School Ministry because it’s such a fun age. Middle schoolers are old enough to have real conversations, yet young enough that they don’t feel like they’re too cool for you. They’re figuring out who they are, but they’re still impressionable. Plus, they’re fun and energetic!

I’m born and raised in Fort Worth. My wife, Kristin, and I have been married for eight years (we met in youth ministry, forever securing the special place that youth ministry has in my heart) and we have two little girls, Felicity and Alexandra.