I started attending Christ Chapel in October of 2014. I currently serve in the Children’s Ministry with the third grade boys during the 9 a.m. service, work on the grills or food service team at Renovate on Wednesdays and lead a home group for single guys in their 20-30s. The reason I first started serving was really because of the church I attended in college.

During my last year at Texas A&M, one of my college friends preached the Sunday morning sermon for the elementary department at my church, so I decided to serve as a general helper with the kids each week. I have always loved working with kids at that age because they have lots of energy, inquisitive minds and are not old enough to be “too cool” for something. After attending CCBC for about a year and a half, remembering that experience really motivated me to start serving at CCBC. I started with first grade boys and have moved up with them each year. God has taught me so much about Himself and myself through the weekly lesson, the worship songs (many of which are Bible verses put to music), or just watching over and interacting with the boys. Seeing these young guys grow not just physically, but spiritually as well is so incredible. This experience really gave me a taste of serving and showed me how much God can use someone for His kingdom and how much He can teach me through serving.

A few months after I had started serving with the kids, one of the leaders at Renovate asked if I would mind helping serve food that Wednesday night because they were shorthanded that week. I agreed to do so and loved doing it so much I continued serving every week that I could after that. Each week it gives me the chance to meet just about everyone at Renovate because everyone comes through the food line. This is where I really feel called by God to serve and show His love to others by welcoming them into this fantastic community of believers.

It is not putting food on someone’s plate and saying hi that is so important, but welcoming people into church and helping them find a community to be a part of. I remember when I first joined CCBC and specifically Renovate, how hard it felt to get to know people and get plugged in, and then how good it felt when someone reached out to me by inviting me into their group. God has put on my heart to try and reach out to the new people who come to Renovate or the Converge service on Sundays — learning their names, introducing them to others, etc. — these little actions can make a big impact on people.

A friend at Renovate, who had been going for less than a year at the time, once told me that the biggest reason they had stuck with CCBC was because I and one other person had gone out of our way to invite them into our circle of friends at church and help them get plugged in. This was such a rewarding and encouraging gift from God. This friend has now become a leader at Renovate, hosts social events and helps people find a church family where they belong. It is amazing for me to see this because I know this is not my doing, but God working in me.

To clarify, I am not an extrovert. I am very introverted. I used to think that I was just good at acting friendly towards new people or being part of such a large group like Renovate — basically faking it for a few hours each week. But God opened my eyes to the fact that this was nothing more than my own pride. God has shown me that it is not about me; it is all about Him. He is the one who stretches me beyond my own limitations and uses me for His kingdom.

Last year Life Stage 2 announced that they had a long wait list for people to join a home group and were in need of new leaders. After praying about it, God really put it on my heart to become one. Just like serving with the children or at Renovate, being a home group leader has helped me grow closer to God. Not only that, God has used service to teach me so many life lessons, helped me to make great friends and brought me so many other rewards.

Why do I serve? I serve because I want to show obedience to God because I love Him because He loved me first. To have the opportunity to be part of His plan and work for His kingdom is the greatest reward of service for me.


Will Cherry





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